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2010年10月18日 星期一

OPDS Catalog, OpenSearch, and Stanza

OPDS Catalog & OpenSearch OPDS Catalog & OpenSearch

想要產生 OPDS Catalog 以及提供 OpenSearch 的功能,如圖右上角,讓 Stanza 這個閱讀器可以看得懂,但 OPDS Catalog 1.0 的規格還沒有完全支援(今天是 2010/10/18,Stanza 軟體是 3.0.3 版本),因此像是一些 link 中 rel 這個 attribute ,填入 OPDS Catalog 1.0 的規格後,也會導致 Stanza 讀不出來,之前測試的結果,把 rel 留空白應該可以。

最近想要試的是 OpenSearch,在 OPDS Catalog 1.07.5 裡有的定義:

7.5. Search

An OPDS Catalog MAY provide a search facility through an [OpenSearch] description document. Links to [OpenSearch] description documents MUST use the “search” relation value and the “application/opensearchdescription+xml” media type as defined in the “Autodiscovery” section of the [OpenSearch] specification.

<link rel="search"

In an [OpenSearch] description document, the search interface SHOULD use the media type associated to OPDS Catalogs:

<Url type="application/atom+xml;profile=opds-catalog"
     template="{searchTerms}" />

OPDS Catalog Feed Documents MAY include elements from the [OpenSearch] namespace such as “opensearch:totalResults” or “opensearch:itemsPerPage” in [OpenSearch] responses.

只是我嘗試的結果,那個 type 沒被認出來,倒是直接用 type="application/atom+xml" 就可以看到,以 Feedbooks Catalog 為例:

<link type="application/atom+xml" rel="search" title="Search Feedbooks" href="{searchTerms}"/>


<link type="application/opensearchdescription+xml" rel="search" title="Search on Feedbooks" href=""/>
<link type="application/atom+xml" rel="search" title="Search Feedbooks" href="{searchTerms}"/>

至於 opensearch.xml 描述檔該怎樣寫,也可以直接參考 Feedbooks OpenSearch,甚至我還在想,乾脆全部導到 Feedbooks 也不錯